Tire Brands

How do the top tire manufacturers stack up?

Car tires are like any other consumer product – there is a wide variety of options available to you when you are choosing the tires for your vehicle. Some tire brands are well known, but some don't advertise in order to keep their costs manageable. Knowing how the brands stack up is helpful when choosing your tires.

Well-Known Tire Brands

  • Michelin tires. This brand is well-known for its Michelin Man logo and is ranked first in the worldwide tire market. Their headquarters are in France and the company launched in 1888. Michelin has a long history of innovation, from the radial tire in 1946 to improving safety and longevity of today's tires on your vehicle. Michelin's newest tire is the LTX M/S 2, which is made for trucks and SUVs. It helps the larger vehicles stop faster and maintain better control in snowy weather.
  • Bridgestone tires. These tires are ranked second in the world and have a solid history of dependability. The company was established in 1900. Henry Ford used Firestone Tires on his Model-T due to their solid reputation. Firestone later became a subsidiary of Bridgestone. They continue to improve their tires and meet the customer's needs. The R 150 tire model is used on heavy trucks and buses to ensure a smooth ride on a bumpy road with a bigger vehicle.
  • Goodyear tires. This company was founded in 1898 and is well known for its Goodyear Blimp. Its tires are rated as third best in the global market. It started out as primarily makers of bicycle and carriage tires, because the owner felt he was taking a bet on his success. His bet paid off as Goodyear is still a solid tire company known all over the world.
  • Cooper tires. These tires first appeared in 1914. Cooper tires are used on almost every lightweight vehicle in the United States. The company expanded internationally and has become a well-recognized name in Canada. Cooper is well known for safety and making sure the exact tire you need for your vehicle is available. They also provide education so that you're in the know about the tires you want to buy.
  • Dunlop tires. Dunlop's history is defined by making the customer's comfort its first priority. The company engineered the air-filled rubber tire and has gone on to make a name for itself by creating dependable tires. In every country except the UK, Dunlop is a subsidy of Goodyear Tires.

When looking for the perfect tire for your vehicle, you have a wide variety of tire companies to choose from. They all have interesting histories filled with innovation and superior customer service. Tire ratings can help you figure out which tire brand will work best with your vehicle. Be sure to consider your local weather as well when looking at tire ratings.

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