Snow Tires

The advantages of using winter tires

If you live in a part of the country that gets a lot of snowfall, winter tires are a must for you. Not only do snow tires help you stay on the road in times of stormy, snowy weather, they also prevent accidents by helping you maintain better control of your car when you're driving in wintry conditions. Learn about the best winter tires for your vehicle and make sure you stay safe this season.

Choose the Best Snow Tires for Your Vehicle

Many people choose to leave their regular tires on their vehicle all year round, but this isn't a good idea if you get more than three inches of snow in your area. All-season tires lose elasticity when it gets cold, so instead of gripping the road, they become rock-hard, making it hard for you to maintain proper contact with the asphalt surface.

Winter tires are made of a special compound that helps them grip the road. As well, winter tires have deeper grooves that can collect and slough off snow and ice that may get caught in the treads. Some are even studded snow tires, which are the best choice in icy conditions. The rubberized studs dig into the ice, making sure that your vehicle stays on the road. Winter tires can be expensive, but they're most certainly worth it when it comes to driving in the snow. When it comes to car tires, you're always better safe than sorry.

When to Change Your Winter Tires

Put on your winter tires in October or November, so that you're not caught out when the first snowfall comes. Also remember to change over to your winter rims. If you need to buy winter tires, the best time to do it is at the end of the season, in March or April. Then, most retailers are trying to sell off their stock and you can get discount snow tires at a great price. They are also great quality, too, since the tires are made by most of the top tire brands. You can put your regular tires back on in the early spring.

Don't get caught sliding all over the road this winter. Change your winter tires at the proper time and make sure that you stay safe in the snow and ice that will blanket your area.

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